SALARY NegotiationS

SALARY NegotiationS

I think there are five takeaways to learn here and adopt for your next negotiation...



If there is one thing you could do to support DX5 this year, this is it. I saw this street art challenge pop up, we worked hard on some designs and are dying to come out on top for this one. See this building? Well, if I win, my work will be painted on it. And I want it...bad...but there are some killer artists competing against me, so we need your help! We didn't know until TODAY that the voting is open to everyone and voting closes on Friday at 10am PT, so my campaign begins NOW.


"For the first time ever, Minted is taking our art to the streets - our street! Larger than life and on view for everyone to see, we looked to our amazing artist community for artwork that we will paint onto the outside of Minted's Headquarters in the vibrant Jackson Square neighborhood of San Francisco. We were looking for a fresh, modern, beautiful take on the concept of public art - a piece that captivates and delights passers-by, makes you reach for your camera, or becomes a destination of its own in San Francisco."


AND the winner receives some CA$H, a 2-day trip to SF, and a freaking dinner with Minted Founder + CEO. Listen, god knows I could use the cash but what I really want is my work to be up on the wall and to have dinner with girl boss, Mariam Naficy

THIS IS what i need you to do

  1. Click on each image below. 
  2. Each one will take you to the voting page for that particular design. All you have to do is like it (click the green heart) and rate it (you know we gotta be a five).
  3. Click the next image below + repeat!
  4. SHARE it for extra lovin'.
  5. Vote before FRIDAY, October 16 at 10am PT.

Update: I just found out that it asks you to create an account. And, unfortunately, there is no way to get around it. So sorry, ugh! I know that's super annoying, so I owe a big kiss to all of you who vote!! Feel free to leave a comment below!

you're an angel.

Thank you SO much for the support. We'll keep you posted! WISH US LUCK! X

UPDATE: Minted announced the winners on November 5 and unfortunately we didn't win this challenge. But thank you to everyone who signed up and voted. We really appreciate all of the support. It's serious motivation to find another wall to paint on! THX A MILLION


Image: Brigitte, Illustrator: Delphine Cauly of Été 1981

Image: Brigitte, Illustrator: Delphine Cauly of Été 1981

I'm pretty positive that I share the same soul as this musical duo. They have been my absolute favorite French band for so many years now. They were recently invited to perform for Alcaline, Le Concert, which was aired on one of France's biggest tv networks. Their performance, set, and style was perfectly sultry and polished.



Now, can we talk about their cover art illustrations?

Their cover art is the epitome of retro, french women in the fifties. Click here to see past albums and here for the "wallpaper" illustrations on their website. I tracked down the artist, Delphine Cauly, and drooled all over my keyboard when I saw her portfolio. Seriously, just look at her work, Été 1981. Follow her on instagram @ete1981. Girl crush.


I didn't pay much attention to J.Crew until [#GIRLBOSS] Jenna Lyons stepped in as Creative Director + President and gave the brand a little slice of edginess. It's a little less country club basic and a little more tomboy chic.

Recently, their email campaign game has seriously been stepped up as well and I'm loving it. 

My favorites are their full-size images with barely any text (like above). The design is minimal and clean and most importantly, it makes me want to CLICK! 

However, they still have a few different templates that are all nicely put together. Here are some common ingredients that have caught my eye:

– Large, black, serif text

– Sharp photography on a crisp background

– Consistent font use

– Gifs

– Black buttons

– Black on white background

Sometimes it's difficult as a designer to show the client exactly what you envision for their marketing campaign. I usually keep a little inventory of the emails that stand out to me so I can use them later on to help illustrate a concept to a client.