SALARY NegotiationS


After returning from our #FivexSFtoPDX roadtrip full of interviews, phone calls, networking and exploring, we have continued our research on the never-ending job search tips and strategies. I came across this 99u article, "5 Real-Life Salary Negotiations (And What You Can Learn From Them)", that is extremely helpful when it comes to salary negotiation and your worth. I was able to find a little piece of me in each case and found this article to be reassuring, strategic and honest. Below are the takeaways from the study but click through to read the full article.



Final Case Study Takeaways

I think there are five takeaways to learn here and adopt for your next negotiation:

x Ignore the clichés. Whether it’s a government job, your first offer, or a decent compensation package you’re not sure you should challenge, there are no hard and fast rules of what to do. Go at it with your best instincts and expect to succeed.

x Nothing is a sure thing. Even when you’re a great candidate and do everything right, there is still so much out of your control. All you can do is roll with the punches and adjust to new information as you get it.

x Everything takes time. While the weeks of paperwork for the agency that Derek had to wade through might not shock you, in every case there seemed to be one more meeting, one more week, and a few delays baked in. You need to expect this.

x Always look at the big picture. Perhaps you expected five case studies where each person received a $20,000 increase, but this is real life. You’re rarely going to get every item you want, so you need to stay objective and take a step back. Change is constant, so whether you’re reporting to a new boss, moving to a new city, or starting something completely new, learn to adapt and be positive.

x You’re not in this alone. While you might be stressed during the process, know that other professionals are going through the same thing as you are. Confide in a coach, a friend, or family members for support.