This is one of those songs that I have played over and over and over and over for years. And by years, I'm serious. I started listening to it when I was studying in Valencia, Spain in 2010 and it has sort of been on every playlist ever since. 

I realized this morning that it's my go-to track when I need therapy but I can't afford it. It's the track I use to practice mindfulness when my mind is racing too much for me to block it out on my own. It's the track I listen to when I sort of want to cry but I'm really just forcing a few self-pity tears. It's the voice I always tell people I would want to have if I could sing (well, her and Hannah Reid). It's the track I listen to when everything is a fcuking mess but I know it will all work out. Ok, you get it...

I'm not a house person so I loveee what this track sounds like stripped of all it's electronics. Just the studio, her voice, some instruments...it's lovely and transcendent. 

Artist: Kaskade feat. Late Night Alumni
Track: 4 AM (studio version)