I didn't pay much attention to J.Crew until [#GIRLBOSS] Jenna Lyons stepped in as Creative Director + President and gave the brand a little slice of edginess. It's a little less country club basic and a little more tomboy chic.

Recently, their email campaign game has seriously been stepped up as well and I'm loving it. 

My favorites are their full-size images with barely any text (like above). The design is minimal and clean and most importantly, it makes me want to CLICK! 

However, they still have a few different templates that are all nicely put together. Here are some common ingredients that have caught my eye:

– Large, black, serif text

– Sharp photography on a crisp background

– Consistent font use

– Gifs

– Black buttons

– Black on white background

Sometimes it's difficult as a designer to show the client exactly what you envision for their marketing campaign. I usually keep a little inventory of the emails that stand out to me so I can use them later on to help illustrate a concept to a client.